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About Lightning Oak Productions

Lightning Oak Productions was founded by southwest filmmakers Karen Turner and Dom Lee. The move was born out of a passion for producing entertainment that moves and stays in the memory of an audience long after the credits roll. Between the two of them, Karen and Dom have screened at many film festivals all over the world as well as venues closer to home such as the Royal Society of Arts.

The Team

Meet Karen

Karen is a Writer and Director who has won multiple awards for her work including the 48ISFF Best Film and Best Director Awards at the Directors Guild of America, Best Film (over 16) at the Film the House Awards in the Houses of Parliament, as well as being longlisted for the BAFTA Rocliffe Drama Script Call Prize.

Karen believes passionately in bringing quality entertainment to the screen in the form of compelling and unforgettable stories. A former broadcast journalist, she is currently returning to her roots to work on a documentary.

Meet Dom

After flirting with a career in graphic design, Dom found his true passion was filmmaking and has worked on a wide variety of projects primarily as a Writer/Director or Editor.

Dom wrote and directed two shorts in 2016, Rocketshed, a 3 minute film which received funding from arts organization Exeter Phoenix and Fort Box which involved building the UK's largest cardboard box fort (from over 3000 boxes). The film has recently begun screening at festivals worldwide.

Other recent projects include editing the recently released horror/comedy feature film ‘Scareycrows’ and writing/editing the multi-award winning horror short ‘Portent’.

Meet Pete

‘In on budget’ are the three words Producer Pete lives by. With a keen eye for the figures, Pete is invaluable in securing finance and managing to keep a tight hold of the purse strings. A keen mountain biker, he can often be found riding across Dartmoor with his trail dog, Milo, by his side.

Meet Ethan

After studying Creative iMedia, our Production Assistant, Ethan began working for Lightning Oak Productions as a Runner and Media Assistant. His other love, apart from film, is music production.

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